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Although we may not be use to looking at it that way, fundamentally the business of business is problem solving. If we are to come up with a completely new way of business, which we need to do, we need to go back to these fundamentals. The primary problem a business must contend with is how to create and maintain expectations that link resources into a network in order to achieve some desired result. 

For example, stockholders and financial institutions provide money in the expectation of satisfactory returns on that investment. Customers pay money in the expectation of receiving a product or service that will meet or surpass their desires. Employees invest their time and effort to produce that product or service in the expectation of being paid money, which comes from the stockholders, financial institutions and customers, and so on. 

Further problems then arise such as how to design a product or service that will more than meet the expectations of customers, how to advocate a rationale for customers to purchase the product or service, how to produce it, and how to distribute it to customers, and so on. (Since a problem may concern how to realize an opportunity, we will refer to both difficulties and opportunities as ‘problems’.) But all this presents a greater problem, how to organize? Organization implies how we distribute the thinking and the doing.

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