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About Dr. Steward and what we are up to generallyAdmin User10/3/2012

I am an emeritus professor who over the last twenty years has developed a method and a preliminary program for using the computer to solve complex problems that require considering more aspects of the problem and more levels of logic than could possibly be handled by our wits alone.

I have used this method to analyze the cause and propose a possible resolution of the economic and widening wealth gap problem. It involved dealing with over thirty aspects of the problem and nearly twenty levels of logic. Some of the proposals do not appear to be currently under consideration

I am looking for angel capital to help complete the program and implement it as a web program.

I am currently pursuing a patent.

This program when finished could be offered to the government and to the public to try their hand at discussing and possibly proposing solutions to some of the complex problems we are facing today. A charge could be made for time used and for the purchase of knowledge bases to be used by the program.

The method is very general and can be used for solving complex social problems, finding faults in systems, solving crimes, emergency management, interpreting historical events, as well as solving many other types of problems. It would be an important serious problem solving tool as well as a fun social network to discuss and try to solve various types of problems.

For information on the method, click on Readings and then on Explaining the Explainer for a simple introduction, or The Complexity Problem for more detail. You may wish to browse the other readings such as The world is in a mess.  

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