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Interest in working with us to implement Active Risk Management ?Donald Steward9/23/2005

Problematics has been working on Active Risk Management and would be interested in working with a company that would like to help us refine and install it on an exploratory basis.

Many projects get close to completion with everything apparently working out well when it is found that some assumption made earlier, and maybe not even recognized as an assumption, was wrong, resulting in unexpected delays, cost overruns and embarrassment trying to explain it to the customer.

Risks are due to assumptions that have not been validated that may later be found to be wrong. Any work that still depends on a wrong assumption may have to be redone with new assumptions, increasing the cost and duration of the project. In assessing the risks that remain during the project, it is necessary to keep track of what assumptions have not yet been verified and what work still depends on them.

Active Risk Management uses the Dependency Structure Method to find and define the assumptions that must be made. Then as the project proceeds, ARM keeps track of when assumptions are ready to be reviewed, whether or not the review established that the assumptions reviewed were valid, and what tasks that have been done still depend on assumptions that have not yet been validated.


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