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Help Contents


Managing Problems

Data Entry

Reading the Matrix

Reading the Status Line

Making New Problems

Entering Marks

Managing Rows

Sizing The Matrix

Printing Problems




Show Impacted Rows

Show Notified Rows

Show Bands of Parallel Items

PSM Properties

Importing/Exporting PSM Data

Exporting to MS Project

Keyboard Shortcuts



Help for the PSM32 Program

PSM32 is designed to assist users in exploring certain types of circular problems. We hope that this online help will assist you in doing so more easily.

The PSM32 program changes features as we release new versions. Hence some of the screen shots may vary slightly from your version. In most cases this is ok. Should you find an error or have a suggestion about our on-line help documentation, please contact us at  

This documentation was created in Microsoft FrontPage and last updated on Sunday, January 25, 2004 .

If you have question about PSM please check our website's FAQ or or contact support.

Thanks for your interest in PSM32,

Donald V. Steward
Stuart Williams
Problematics, LLC.