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Help Contents


Managing Problems

Data Entry

Reading the Matrix

Reading the Status Line

Making New Problems

Entering Marks

Managing Rows

Sizing The Matrix

Printing Problems




Show Impacted Rows

Show Notified Rows

Show Bands of Parallel Items

PSM Properties

Importing/Exporting PSM Data

Exporting to MS Project

Keyboard Shortcuts



Resizing Rows and the Size of the Matrix Squares.

The size of the width of the rows and the size of the squares in the matrix can be resized from the keyboard or by using the "zooming" features.

Keyboard Resizing

Holding down the ALT key and using the arrow keys the matrix can be resized:

ALT + Left Arrow    Decrease size of parameter labels
ALT + Right Arrow Increase size of parameter labels
ALT + Down Arrow Decrease size of matrix squares
ALT + Up Arrow Increase size of matrix squares

The zoom menu is pictured below: (The Zoom Tools on the Tool Bar ZoomBar.gif (1517 bytes) )

ZoomMenu.gif (9468 bytes) Zoom in to Marquee: Selecting a range of cells and choosing this option causes the display to resize in proportion to the cells selected.
Zoom Out Full: Causes the display to try and fit the problem into the current size of the display. PSM will keep the size of the grid square from getting to large or too small.
Reset Grid To Default Sizes: causes PSM to reset all of the sizes to the default.
All of the zoom percentages are relative to the current size.