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Managing Problems

Data Entry

Reading the Matrix

Reading the Status Line

Making New Problems

Entering Marks

Managing Rows

Sizing The Matrix

Printing Problems




Show Impacted Rows

Show Notified Rows

Show Bands of Parallel Items

PSM Properties

Importing/Exporting PSM Data

Exporting to MS Project

Keyboard Shortcuts



Printing PSM Problems (top)

Topics: Print... (With Preview), View as HTML..., Print List of Relationships

Print... (With Preview) (^P) (top)

PSM uses Videosoft's vsView Print Preview Control to allow users to print to large number of supported windows and plotters. A picture of the print preview window is below:

View as HTML... (^Q) (top)

Alternately, users can print their PSM problems as HTML. This allows users to print, save or e-mail snapshots of PSM problems even to people that do not have PSM. Many software packages (such as MS Office) can import HTML allowing PSM Projects and Results to be inserted in to documents and presentations. A sample is below:

Print_HTML.gif (27158 bytes)

Print List of Relationships (top)

Useful in verifying that a problem has been entered correctly and for diagnosing broken problems, this feature makes and HTML report. A sample is below: