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Managing Problems

Data Entry

Reading the Matrix

Reading the Status Line

Making New Problems

Entering Marks

Managing Rows

Sizing The Matrix

Printing Problems




Show Impacted Rows

Show Notified Rows

Show Bands of Parallel Items

PSM Properties

Importing/Exporting PSM Data

Exporting to MS Project

Keyboard Shortcuts



Reading the Status Line

The status line is a good way to see what is going on. The status line is divided into panels (numbered left to right):

Panel Purpose
1 Activity Indicator
Red - Error/Failure
Green - Ready/Last Operation Succeeded
Yellow - Working Please Wait
2 Message (See below)
3 Zoom Level
4 Grid Position
5 Data File in use
6 Normal, Partitioned, Ready To Tear
7 Problem Name
8 Mark Set in Use

Reading various status line messages:

Clicking in a grid cell (or pressing space) causes the status line to display information about it. Notes show up as a dot before the value NoteDot.gif (895 bytes). The status line is interpreted as follows
Row <--- Prerequisite Column : Cell Value : Note

StatNote.gif (2366 bytes)

Clicking on a row header (where the row names are) the status line is deciphered as follows:
[Selected|Generated|Excluded|(nothing)] Row --> Note

e.g. wpe18F.jpg (1848 bytes)