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Help Contents


Managing Problems

Data Entry

Reading the Matrix

Reading the Status Line

Making New Problems

Entering Marks

Managing Rows

Sizing The Matrix

Printing Problems




Show Impacted Rows

Show Notified Rows

Show Bands of Parallel Items

PSM Properties

Importing/Exporting PSM Data

Exporting to MS Project

Keyboard Shortcuts



Keyboard Shortcuts

Keys: ControlFunction, Regular, Misc., Keyboard Shortcuts not on MenusKeyboard Shortcuts Plus Mouse

Control Keys

Control+A Compute/Partition Again
Control+C Edit/Copy Matrix
Control+D Tools/Mark/Hide All Marks Above Diagonal
Control+E Edit/Copy Row Labels
Control+F Find Row
Control+G Export To Microsoft Project
Control+H Tools/Mark/Hide/UnHide
Control+I Compute/Show Impacted Rows
Control+M Tools/Mark/Make All Marks Visible
Control+N Tools/Mark/Note
Control+O File/Open... (Problem Management)
Control+P File/Print...
Control+Q File/View as HTML...
Control+R Tools/Row/Note...
Control+S File/Save As...
Control+T Compute/Principal Circuit/Tear Advice...
Control+U Compute/Show Bands of Parallel Items...
Control+W Compute/Show Notified Rows...
Control+1 Tools/Mark/Restore Numbered Order

Function Keys

F1 Help/Search for help on...
F2 Tools/Options...
F3 Edit/Find Next
F4 Tools/Row/Edit...
F5 View/Refresh
F7 Tools/Mark/Minus
F8 Tools/Mark/Plus
F9 Tools/Mark/Adjust...
F11 Edit/Deselect All
F12 (Problem Management)

Regular Keys

Plus Tools/Mark/Demote
Minus Tools/Mark/Promote
Delete Tools/Mark/Delete

Misc. Keys

Control+Insert Tools/Row/Add...
Control+F3 Tools/Row/Mark This Row
Control+F4 Tools/Row/Move To Marked Row
Control+F7 Tools/Row/Move Up
Control+F8 Tools/Row/Move Down
Control+F12 File/Switch Databases...
Shift+Insert Tools/Mark/Add...
Shift+Delete Tools/Mark/Delete...
Shift+F1 Help/About...
Shift+F7 View/Zoom In To Marquee
Shift+F8 View/Zoom Out Full
Shift+F9 Tools/Mark/Group Adjust...

Keyboard Shortcuts not on Menus

Control+Up Top of Matrix
Control+Down Bottom of Matrix
Control+Left Left Of Matrix
Control+Right Right of Matrix
Alt+PgUp Follow Diagonal Up
Alt+PgDn Follow Diagonal Down
Alt+Up Make Squares Bigger
Alt+Down Make Squares Smaller
Alt+Left Decrease Size of Row Names
Alt+Right Increase Size of Row Names

Keyboard Shortcuts Plus Mouse

Control+Click If the first column is clicked on the row name marks cycle through the selected, resulting and excluded colors. These settings are used in computing Notified and Impacted Rows.