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Accessing PSM 32 Databases from ODBC

We have added to the downloaded database a View (query) call vPMETERS that should be used instead of the table PMETERS when using the PSM data from ODBC. Users with MS Access and existing databases may add this view by creating a query and inserting the following SQL into it:

SELECT RecNum, Set, Name, Note, Order AS TheOrder, Visible

Migrating the PSM data to an ODBC data store.

Current Work Around

PSM data may be migrated to an ODBC data store such as Microsoft SQL*Server or Oracle if the data structures are upsized.

Once upsized, The column name or 'order' changed to 'theOrder' the database can be linked back into the PSM32.mdb by dropping the tables and creating linked tables with a DSN. For portability a file based DSN is preferred. The pMETERS table should be renamed to something else and a view (query) named PMETERS should be created that does the reverse of the SQL above, renaming the theOrder Column back to Order for PSM.

Future Improvements

Problematics is rewriting the core engine and data store. One significant improvement will be that PSM will use ADO and a DSN rather then DAO and an MDB. This should result in more flexibility and significant performance improvements of our PSM product.

We are constantly striving to make our product more useful and accessible, please feel free to send your suggestions and comments to

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