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Q0001: How to reset the PSM32 program registry settings

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PSM32 may be started with the following command line switches:

Switch Use
/R Reset registry settings. (Deletes hkey_current_user\software\vb and vba settings\blitzkrieg\psm32\). This has the effect of forcing PSM32 to "discover" the location of the location of the Database (MDB) and Lock Files (MDW) providing they are in the same directory or a sub-directory under where the PSM program is installed.
/C Causes the Properties window to pop-up allowing users to configure PSM. The program will close and you can restart PSM32 without switches.

 To run PSM with command line switches browse for the location of the PSM program and then add the command line switches to the program. Remember to use spaces between the program and the switches. This needs to be done only once to reset the settings, there after PSM should function normally.

wpe4.jpg (10163 bytes)

While on the properties screen you should verify that he paths listed under the problem tab 'Program Database Location' and 'Location of database lock file' are correct.

fileloc.gif (8440 bytes)

If the paths do not appear correct, please use the buttons to the right [...] to browse for the correct files. Then restart PSM32 without any command line parameters and it should function normally.

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