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    Tutorial Contents
  1. Introduction

  2. Samples & Instructions
  3. A Simple Example
  4. ABS Brake Example
  5. A Business Example
  6. Conclusions

A Business Example
PSM32 and DSM Tutorial

Restoring the problem to the earlier order.

Bus22.gif (1069 bytes) Notice there are numbers on the left each followed by a ! .

At any time you can click in the title area of the rows, Right Click, Select Row, then select Renumber to renumber the rows according to the current order.

At any later time one can click on Reset Matrix to Numbered Order to return to that numbered Order. (Control+1 (One not I))

Bus23.gif (29109 bytes)

If you don't like matrices...

Bus25.gif (1064 bytes) Let’s assume you have people who are matrix phobic. Click on the row of the item, then press F4 to see information about this row and lists of the predecessors or successors for this item.  Clicking on the buttons will show a dialog and allow you to work on either the Predecessors or the Successors.

On the toolbar below, the icons have the following functions:

  • Click the return arrow to exit.
  • Click the printer to print out all the information about this row.
  • Click on the + (plus) to select predecessors or successor to add from the complete list of items.
  • Click on an item in the window and then click on - to remove an item.
  • Click on an item in the window then click on the wrench to change the number in the corresponding cell.
  • Click on an item in the window and then click on the note to add a note.

Situation Visibility

If you have a client-server system (network) then

  • Put the the DSM on everyone’s desktop

Let’s everyone know:

  • The current situation, and, their role in it.

Situation visibility provides:

  • Accountability
  • Autonomy
  • Faster response to new situations
  • Learning
  • Tapping & building knowledge
  • Greater sense of involvement

If you wish to know more about how you can use the PSM32 stand-alone or client-server system so you can use the Dependency Structure Matrix in your organization, please contact: Donald V. Steward ( )

Updated: 7/07/2004

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