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    Tutorial Contents
  1. Introduction

  2. Samples & Instructions
  3. A Simple Example
  4. ABS Brake Example
  5. A Business Example
  6. Conclusions

Samples and Instructions
PSM32 and DSM Tutorial

By downloading and installing the samples, you have the ability to follow along with the tutorial materials.

Samples.Exe (33 KB, Self Extracting ZIP.)

  1. Create a folder under the main PSM one called 'Samples'
  2. Click on the link above, extract the sample files to the folder you created above.
  3. If PSM32 is not started, start it.
  4. For each of the samples:
    1. Pick 'DATA' from the main menu
    2. Select 'Import DSS Format...'
    3. Browse to the samples folder and select the desired sample

pickdss.gif (14682 bytes)
    1. Press OK
    2. Select a set name, (a default is provided)

    NewSetName.gif (17050 bytes)
    1. Press OK
    2. The problem is now ready to work

Updated: 7/07/2004

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