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Support Resources On The Web

Source Updated
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 1/11/2001
Help Files 1/11/2001
Tutorial 1/11/2001

These may also be downloaded. Questions? Problems? Fill out our Problem Report Form

Support Resources for Registered Users

Registered users are entitled to priority support. We try and respond within one business day. Problem Report Form.

By E-Mail 
By Mail
1000 Banbury Court
Napa, CA 94558-4354
By Phone
(707) 226-5102

Sales Information

If you would like to register your product, inquire about pricing, discounts or institutional sales, please contact any of the above resources or e-mail us at  

Support for unregistered users

We provide support for unregistered users only by e-mail. We try and respond to unregistered users within two business days. Please use the Problem Report Form

How Contact
By E-Mail

Problem Report Form

Copy the form below into your email and fill out. 
Include as an attachment, a screen snapshot of the error or problem.

Problem Report  
Your Name Date: ___ /___ /____
Phone #  
Country/Time Zone  
Your E-Mail Address  
PSM Version (name or #)  
Operating System Name/Version [ ] Win ___  [ ]  NT __.____
[ ] Win 2000 [ ]  Win XP
Description of Problem
Be lavish. What were you doing, what messages or prompts did you receive?
From the attached screen shot what should we notice?

Getting a screen shot for support:

1. To get a screen snapshot of the application press ALT+Print_SCRN key.
2. This places the graphic of the window on the clipboard.
3. From there you can paste it into WordPad or Paint (both come with all windows versions) and then save it to a file you can then attach to your e-mail.

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